A list of our errors…cos nobody’s perfect…

Show 1:

  1. Scandinavia doesn’t include Finland http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scandinavia – I reckon the others have got beef tho

Show 2:

  1. “Ubiquitious” kinda means “omnipresent” or “appearing everywhere” the phrase “ubiquitous rapper” was entirely made up by ExP and is slightly BS, but he means that the flow and style of rap just kinda flows over you without you paying much attention to it. Still BS tho.
  2. DJ Baboon is still doing his thing, he did this mix for Bonafide Magazine pretty recently

Show 3:

  1. Cologne in Germany is indeed pronounced differently but it’s not “Colne” it’s Köln
  2. “Labor Days” which ‘Save Yourself” by Aesop Rock is on is his 3rd album not his first ~ corrected by diss1

Show 4:

  1. Mighz isn’t in the crew “silencesetratures” that’s just the name of his EP

Show 5:

  1. It was a vibraphone

Show 6:

  1. The punctuation accent in French like “Ç” is called a “Cedille” ~ corrected by Ant Orange
  2. On that Unseen and Delight track “Break It Down” – Delight did the cuts, Unseen did the beat and vocals

Show 8:

  1. ExP knew where Bosnia is but not Herzegovina? Same place mate. D’oh. ~ corrected by Bill Currie

Show 9 AND 12:

  1. Dr Dre produced three tracks on the Slim Shady LP not two (Guilty Conscience, My Name Is, Role Model)

Show 10:

  1. Peet does mess with Twitter haha (https://twitter.com/peetbeats) 6 tweets as of 9/4/13 tho

Show 12:

  1. Lil Wayne didn’t redo Return of the Mack but French Montana bloody did OMG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5DGk43ghmE#! wackest pile of wack ever

Show 15:

  1. Stacy Cen? Can’t find here anywhere? That’s because it’s Staycen. duHHHhh.  Check her on twitter and bandcamp

Show 17:

  1. Obba Supa aren’t on Project Mooncircle they’re on Sichtexot
  2. The second rapper on the Obba Supa track Live in London was “D.N.T”

Show 19:

  1. In our #SampleSection DJ Format DIDN’T sample Lowell Fulson’s song “Tramp”, he produced it with an Akai S950 & an Atai 1040st and used a Hungarian LP for the stabs & a UK LP for the drums…D’oh. ~ corrected by DJ Format

Show 21:

  1. Yeah yeah Tupac’s Birthday was 16/6 not 17/6
  2. Granville Sessions didn’t do Grawler it was Organised Mess

Show 22:

  1. “Asa” is pronounced A-sir ~ Corrected by Asa Greenwood

Show 23:

  1. Disney Team on Space Jam!??!? It was a Warner Brothers film…Also “TuneSquad”

Show 26:

  1. Danny Boyle did Dead Man’s Shoes!?!??!?! Danny Boyle?!?!?!?! nope. Shane Meadows. Brain lapse.

Show 27:

  1. About 32 mins in ExP said Dangermouse was 37 after saying he was 36 for the rest of the show…he was 36 on the 29th July 2013

Show 28:

  1. Blow The Horns – MOP and Busta Rhymes produced by Fizzy Womack – Fizzy Womack is actually Lil Fame of MOP and was taught to produce by Premo! – Pointed out by Mike B

Show 30:

  1. Spiegelei means “Fried Egg” in German not Art, even in Dutch Spiegelei means “mirror”. Art is “Kunst” in both languages which is a bit rude

Show 33:

  1. Despite what wikipedia says, MC Shan’s birthday was actually on the 6th September, which is annoying.

Show 34:

  1. The Turkey guy IS dead!!! nOOOoooo

One thought on “Whoops!

  1. Show 29:

    Re Jaze Baqti “The Soundcloud ambassador” lol, he’s actually employed by Soundcloud. Not sure what he does exactly, but he gets certain perks on his account, merch etc, and it’s them that give people that title of ambassador for France etc.

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